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Megasport Sports Complex has been successfully using Colosseo systems for more than a year

One of the most famous sports complexes in Moscow integrated ColosseoLED LED solutions, a timing system, scoring and statistics, as well as a ColosseoSMP content management system. We put on the site a modern solution - Unified Multimedia Platform (SMP) and a completely new LED media cube.

After twelve years of operation of the Megasport Sports Palace multisport complex, our company was asked to modernize and replace the solutions installed on the complex. The first step was to install the equipment of a single multimedia platform for connecting an existing media cube. The project was completed by an established media cube custom-made by Colosseo.

An LED media cube with a pixel pitch of 6.00 mm and high brightness is now the main element of the arena and consists of four main screens connected using seamless technology, as well as the upper and lower rings.

The new Colosseo LED media cube and Colosseo’s unique unified multimedia plafthora create an unforgettable experience for fans, turning sporting events into full-fledged audience shows.

ColosseoEAS is the manufacturer of the first fully integrated software platform for creating and distributing digital content. Using custom-made LED screens, timekeeping, scoring systems, mobile applications and interactive IP television, Colosseo has created the most complete turnkey solution available on the market for sports venues, conference centers, shopping centers and transport . Having successfully completed more than 100 installations in North America, Europe, and Asia over the past 9 years, Colosseo has set a new level in multimedia, interactivity, entertainment, and infographic management.

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