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«ZARMET» company was founded and has been operating in the international market since 2004. It has offices and representatives in such countries as: Hamburg (Germany), Moscow (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Minsk (Belarus), Riga (Latvia), Kaunas (Lithuania), Sevastopol (Crimea).

At the beginning of the development, the main direction of the «ZARMET» company was the import-export of ferrous metallurgy products both to the CIS countries and to such countries as: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Afghanistan.

During its existence the company has established cooperation with many countries and large industrial companies in various fields. We expanded the range of our interests in various sectors and areas, attracting highly qualified specialists in the projects.
Today we cooperate with such large companies as Gazprom avtomatizatsiya; the Chinese company "SINOPEC"; the Canadian company "CONDOR Petroleum inc"; Holding "Renaissance Heavy Industries"; the Russian company "Globotek", the republican design institute "UzEngineering", the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan.

In addition, we represent on our market such companies as the Russian design institute "ONHP"; an engineering company in the field of R&D and R&D "PGMI"; Alecotek Engineering; the Baltic company UAB Agrobosas, which owns the seaport in Riga (Latvia); Colosseo (Slovakia); we closely cooperate and are the representatives in Uzbekistan of the Russian State University "NCMMI".

Since 2019, we have been actively cooperating in the field of information technology with the Universa Blockchain company, as well as bringing on the market and presenting on the market the products of the British company "TESLASUIT".

We prefer to work at government levels, with government agencies, which gives us confidence in the conclusion of contracts and transactions. "ZARMET" work out and analyze information about the markets in those territories of the countries with which we work.
Don Streu, President of the company, Chief Executive Officer, Condor Petroleum inc. Zakir Avezov, Head of GAZPROM Avtomatizatsiya In Uzbekistan
We are considering joint projects that could be worked out and implemented in Uzbekistan and abroad. To do this, we are engaged in attracting foreign direct investment from large corporations and companies, which we are trying to attract to the Uzbek market. Our priority is projects in the energy sector, in the petrochemical and mining and metallurgical sectors. Also "ZARMET" actively entering the IT-technologies market.

Zakir Avezov

The head of the international company ZARMET - Zakir Avezov and rector of the North Caucasus Mining and Metallurgical Institute Yu.V. Dmitrak

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