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“ZARMET” attaches great importance to projects and developments in the field of information and digital technologies. IT is not defined by any one direction. Creation technologies have fascinated minds over the past decades and every year they attract more and more attention. The pace of change in the digital world is constantly increasing. Every day, companies and organizations have new tools at their disposal to work better and more efficiently.

"North Caucasian Mining and Metallurgical Institute (State Technological University)"

Virtual digital laboratory based supercomputer - "Center for training and certification of mountain robotic systems engineers (TCRS Center)." Research areas of the TCRS center: a mine with cyber protection, global geo-mapping, digital collaboration platforms in the mining industry, autonomous decentralized systems of mining enterprises, virtual mine operation, artificial intelligence in mining, integrated mining systems, diagnostic work at mining enterprises.

Blockchain Protocol

Decentralized global network Universa mainnet offers extremely quick and protected services blokcheyna and transfer of the enterprise-level data. Universa mainnet is a global infrastructure for governments, enterprises and corporate solutions.

The perfection of human capabilities

TESLASUIT is a bi-directional interface that synchronizes digital space and the human body and is designed as a suit.



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